Transition Planning

A thorough & detailed plan helps to prepare your business & people for change

To achieve a successful transition, a set of highly detailed plans and cost estimations will need to be developed. These define the activities that need to be performed in order to implement the transition across the business. We begin by planning the exit from your current state. Next, we develop the plan for commissioning, start up and include considerations of the ramp up phase. We then create a customer service plan.

Throughout this planning process, we integrate a continual risk and contingency assessment to ensure potentially negative scenarios have been duly considered and countered with effective contingency solutions. All of our plans are backed by our years of skills and knowledge pertaining to food industry change and the transition processes of successful businesses.

Having comprehensively assessed the organisation and analysed the core processes in detail, we have a clear picture of the current state. We then use this information to develop a design of the future state organisation. This design will include the proposed processes, structures and systems that will help the business to achieve the planned change, but it will also focus more closely on how the organisation’s business units, departments and teams will organise around the proposed process changes.

This plan will help to set the groundwork for preparing the organisation and its personnel for the future change, thus heightening the prospects for success. Throughout this process, we work closely with our clients to ensure that the future state organisational design is fit for purpose and aligned to the new operating model we have designed.