Project Management

Expert coordination & leadership

We offer our Project Management skills to any stage of client projects. Some clients request us to manage the entirety of their project from start to finish; others require our expertise only at specific junctions, such as during the crucial implementation phase of their project.

Project Management during implementation is about providing a skilled and experienced individual to manage and coordinate your project to ensure that everything that needs to be done gets done. Constantly monitoring the progress against the project plan and budget; they liaise with all parties; compile regular progress reports; manage any issues, risks or changes that arise and lead the team to achieve the final project goals.

Effective Project Governance creates the framework for decision making. A critical element of any project, Project Governance defines team structures to ensure that appropriate levels of responsibility, accountability, reporting, communication and decision making is undertaken.

During your project, Project Governance will ensure that regular meetings with the appropriate people are held so that everyone is informed as to where the project is against the programme and so that any decisions about the project can be made. It will also make sure that the right levels of decision making are being signed off.

It’s very simple, but the structure it provides to your capital investments is incredibly important. It identifies the accountability for the overall delivery of the project, optimises investment, avoids common pitfalls and allows for more open communications and motivation across teams.