Site Selection

Finding & securing the right site for you

Choosing a site is critical to the success of any project, so we work closely with you to find one that meets your current and future requirements, taking into account the interests of internal and external stakeholders.

Your feasibility study will have made a broad prediction with regard to location. In the Design phase, however, we move on to finding the exact site. To do this, we measure the needs of the new project against the merits – and possible pitfalls – of potential locations.

To determine the suitability of a site, we analyse locations on micro and macro levels with regard to numerous factors. We consider all elements such as the challenges of planning permission, size, the structural soundness of the land, the realities of vehicle movement, noise restrictions, wildlife restrictions, regional infrastructure capacity, the proximity to suppliers and customers, business costs, the costs of construction, the potential for expansion and human capital.

We go into intense detail to ensure that the potential site is right for you and your business. We conduct the surveys, evaluate purchasing decisions and conduct negotiations with landowners as part of our totally managed process.

As part of the site selection process, we undertake rigorous impact assessments to ensure your investment delivers on cost, logistics, labour availability and, ultimately, commercial viability. Our range of specialist services include:

— Support on land acquisition;

— Feasibility studies, working closely with surveyors, architects and engineers to assess the suitability of the land and identify possible problems;

— Analysis of topography, transport infrastructure, environmental issues and skills availability;

— Managing stakeholder relations, including local authorities;

— Support during the planning application process;

— A robust handover process to ensure you – along with our own experts tasked with completing the project – have all the information they need to take the plans forward