Procurement Strategy

Planning to meet your project goals

Your procurement strategy outlines the suppliers, materials and services involved in the completion of your project and sets out how best to acquire them. It’s important to develop a clear and timely procurement plan to ensure that core business objectives and project delivery are met.

The choice of a particular procurement strategy largely depends on a client’s balance of cost, quality and time risks. By combining our clients’ requirements with our own knowledge and experience of similar projects, we identify the best way of achieving project completion with an optimum balance of risk, control and funding.

Our independence is our key asset when it comes to creating your procurement strategy. We’re not aligned to any design-build, contractors or sub-contractors. The route we advise and our reasons for recommending it are based solely on our experience and what we regard as the best strategy for our clients and their budget. We’re never driven by selling someone else’s services.

In the design phase, we take this initial model and refine it in order to achieve those goals. Adding precise detail, we plot the minutiae of every element, stage and step to create a meticulous confirmation of the original model. The resulting detailed model will consider future demand, process improvements and constraints, and will also identify areas of improvement, define business objectives and scope out the change.

The detailed model is a comprehensive map that allows us to gain insight into which scenarios would best suit the client products, processes and demand in order to reach the proposed project goals.