Facility & Services Design

Maximising the effectiveness of your processes

With the concept for the facility already established, this is the moment when we develop in more detail the functional requirements for each room and every area to ensure that all necessary safety precautions are in place.

To do this, we ask exacting questions about the detail. We walk our clients through the floor plans, asking what is needed, what is necessary and what is wanted in each and every space. This process has three crucial goals.

It firstly seeks to maximise the effectiveness of production processes to ensure a smooth flow of work, material and information throughout the system. It secondly ensures that the needs of people are integrated with the machinery and materials in such a way that it creates a single, well-functioning system. This will involve consideration of transport links, communications and the layout of machinery. Finally, it makes sure that the factory conforms to retailer standards. These are crucial requirement for suppliers of supermarkets to guarantee quality, safety and operational criteria for manufacturers and supermarkets and to provide protection for the end consumer.