Bidding for Equipment, Materials & Services

Securing the best contractors & skills

Tendering is very intensive process which can be hugely advantageous to your project if proficient support is applied. Provided that tender process is handled by experts, a customer can not only save significant amounts of money and choose the most effective contractors, but also make all key decisions on the project.

Everyone knows situations where the customer rejects seemingly “too expensive” offers from contractors with a proven track record, choosing cheaper quotes that don’t fully account for the complex nature of the job. Eventually the unaccounted works still have to be performed, and the customer incurs expenses associated with increasing of the the project costs, schedule delay, lower quality of the project. Quite often the final costs of such “cheaper quote” significantly exceed the cost of the initial offer that come from a verified contractor rejected at the tender stage.

Over many years we have been working with professional companies having well-founded reputations in the market of equipment and services in various industries, and perfectly understand the details behind quotes. By securing contractors on a highly prescriptive basis, we can eliminate the dangerous possibility of budget escalation.

When we manage customer tenders we apply proven professional solutions to build the project as high-quality and in the most cost-effective way. We regularly work with the top food industry contractors and understand the details behind quotes. When tendering, we take into account the contractors’ recent work, the people they have working for them and their attitude towards your project. During the bidding we use not only commonly used contract award criteria, but also account the specifics of the project itself, the current capabilities of the bidders (real resources, relevant experience, interest in the project, etc.), as well as possible hidden risks.