Current State Evaluation

Complete assessment of current state to optimize next steps

Once our clients outline their project aims, we begin to plan how we will help them to achieve these. To do this, we create a model that considers the process, the required ingredients, the time scale and the techniques. This model will devise how to achieve the desired end result by setting out facts and numbers based on current operations and future projections.

During the evaluation phase, a model will have been created for your project to present an overview of how the current and future state of your operations will look and operate in relation to your new project goals.

We firstly establish the current state of client products, processes and demand. We then consider the future demand and the necessary process improvements and potential constraints surrounding the proposed project. Where explicit detail is unavailable, we are skilled at making reasoned assumptions so that progress can continue uninhibited.

By comparing the current state to the future state, we can define business objectives, identify areas that need improvement and scope out the necessary changes. We can then prescribe scenarios for the future state of products, processes, and demand in order to achieve the project goals.