Budget Development

Calculating the cost to achieve

Many budgets focus exclusively on the big elements of a project, such as the cost of buying land and building a factory. Although these are crucial components, budgets that focus solely on these elements runs the risk of escalating considerably once the realities of achieving a project are encountered.

Which is why we develop a ‘cost to achieve’ budget. Your cost to achieve budget includes capital expenditure costs, operational expenditure costs, one off transition costs and future state profit and loss analysis. Essentially, every cost within the process is accounted for to create a highly detailed and accurate budget. 

We consider things such as the cost of renting a new warehouse and the cost of storage facilities, the possibility of redundancies when closing old factories to open new ones, and the cost of relocation and recruitment when setting up new factories. All of this – and many other factors – are taken into account to give you the most accurate budget possible